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Thanks John

Today I’m very sorry at the news of the death of John McCarthy, definitively one of the most fascinating person in Computer Science, according to my poor opinion.
Yes, I’m not using LISP in my day work, but still I considered one of the best programming language you can learn from any perspective.
A good and funnny […]

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Recently, Google published the Android code  http://source.android.com/.
One of the thing annoying writing an Android project is the fact that it was impossible to have the source code attached to the android.jar, and so was actually hard to look properly at the core framework when coding.
To solve this problem is now possible  to add the Android […]

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The Big Question

My friend Hubert posted on StackOverflow the Question:
How do you ensure code quality?
Well, not easy to answer and seems that there’s a lot of discussion here.
My personal opinion here is pretty simple: “Code quality is a matter of continuous improvement and commitment”.
Generally I would say it’s a matter of:





The team is […]

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